Property Security Tips

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property security tips

There is at the moment a wide array of variations of items from a home security viewpoint. Keeping this in mind, you should know exactly what the most affordable methods of keeping your residence protected are. All homes should at the least have all of the basic principles covered in regard to domestic security. Door chains should really be fitted and a lock which is approved by insurance companies should be fitted at a very least. In relation to door locks, the first question you will need to ask yourself is if your door is UPVC or just made of wood?

For UPVC doors, the lock currently in use on them as standard is a Euro Cylinder lock. Euro Cylinder locks are usually extremely susceptible to attack and intruders are usually proven to get access to houses with them attached in around 30-45 seconds. Recently, these sorts of lock have been developed to cause them to be safer, so when getting one, go for one that is definitely bump, pick and snap tolerant.

Any time your door is wooden, you must pick out a lock that keeps with the most recent regulations in the country that you occupy. Most of these requirements can be located on sashlocks, nightlatches and additionally deadlocks.

Currently, burglary due to bogus callers have gone through the roof. One can limit access to bogus callers by installing door chains and a door restrictor.

Peepholes are also an affordable home security measure you could take. This enables you to very easily be aware of bogus callers or even reduce them getting access to the house largely because you not having to perhaps even answer the door to look at them.

You must also seek to keep your windows protected. We recommend that every single one of the ground floor windows in your own home ought to be rigged with key operated locks. You may also you should make sure any kind of ladders that are retained within your property are secured away.

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Want to Rent Out a Room in Your House?

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rent out a room in your house

This is a guest post from Wards Property Management, who are a letting agents in Stoke-on-Trent.

With the economy currently not treating people very well, more people than ever before are looking into renting out the spare rooms in their house. You may also be in a great position financially, but want to rent out your spare room for a bit of extra income or maybe you’re sick of having a spare room collecting dust.

Instead of forcing yourself to use these rooms, why not just rent them out?

Before making this decision, you need to make sure that your spare rooms are up to the standards that potential tenants will require. We’re hoping to help you out with this in this article.


Depending on your area, the conditions for renting out a room in your house may differ. Some places will prevent you renting out rooms in your house to anyone other than a relative. Make sure you check any documentation you have for your home and also any local laws. Seek advice from a professional where possible.

The Room

If you have multiple rooms that could be used to rent out, it is important that you select the most desirable one. For example, any rooms that have an en-suite bathroom will enable you to ask for higher rent than ones without. It would also be beneficial because tenants may not fele comfortable at first sharing a bathroom with yourself and your family.

Preparing Your House

You need to make sure you prepare your house, as having someone who is a stranger occupy a room in your house does have some potential risks. You need to make sure that any valuables that you have are secure and locked away. It would also be beneficial to ensure that you have locks installed on all of your doors so that they aren’t able to access any rooms, such as your bedroom, that they shouldn’t. You should also install one on their room as they are also entitled to privacy.

How Much Should You Charge

Deciding how much to charge for the room is one of the hardest decisions to make in the whole process. Asking too much will put people off and charging too little will mean you aren’t getting as much money as you should. You should speak to an estate agent and also consider the following things:

  • How close your house is to the nearest town with all of the services the tenant will require.
  • What extra things does the room offer?
  • How much is the average rent in your area for similar rooms/properties.
  • How large your house is.

Rule, Rules, Rules!

Even though the tenant is paying you – the house is still yours. You should make sure that you have rules laid out before allowing a tenant to move in with you. You should make sure that they sign a copy before moving in and also make sure you enforce these rules if they are broken.

We hope that with this article we have made your decision to rent out a spare room in your house an easier one. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and we will reply.

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Why It’s Often Best to Buy New Homes

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Nearly everyone has a dream of buying and owning their own home. Everyone also has different views on what their dream home is. Finding the perfect home can be incredibly difficult. With this post, we are hoping to show why it can often be best to buy a new home.


The average home buyer will spend around 11 years in a home before selling it on, but if the home doesn’t have the features you want it can feel a lot longer! For this reason, you should always buy a home that you would immediately want to live in and not after a complete remodel. New homes are built by property developers so that they can ultimately sell them. This means that they listen to what customers want in a home and then provide that to them.

According to Move Estate Agents in Cheltenham, people want more space, so property developers have increased the average size of the homes they build. People also want various other features that aren’t available in old homes, such as exterior lighting, appliances that are more energy efficient and utility rooms. If these features were added to older properties it would cost tens of thousands. As well as being able to choose what features you would like in a new home, you can often also design the layout of the property to how you would like it.

Less Expenses

When you buy a new home there will often be less expenses. This is due to the structure being stable, the paint being fresh and the appliances are brand new. If you purchase an older home it costs tens of thousands to update an entire structure of a home. Often the most common things that trouble older homes in comparison to new ones are plumbing, electrical and heating issues. It costs hundreds to call out an electrician or a plumber and replacing heating systems costs thousands. Living in a new home and being the first people to live there means that you should not face these issues. If you do, the developers will be on hand to sort out any of these issues free of charge.


Another reason as to why newer homes are often better to buy than older homes is because they are far more energy efficient. Property developers equip new homes with appliances that are energy efficient, fit better windows for insulation and often even fit solar panels. These features save new home owners thousands each year over those who own older homes.

In conclusion, when buying a home for yourself and your family, you shouldn’t settle for less than what you really want and should choose a home that is as close to your dream home as possible. New homes offer the best way to do this. New homes offer you the option to have the latest features, a style that suits you and also they layout you would like.

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London Real Estate Trading

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The corporate land showcase in London is blasting, with $31 billion of business property speculation arrangements occurring crosswise over focal London in 2014. As indicated by a late report from Savills, a worldwide land administrations supplier, London remains the world’s most costly city for organizations to oblige their workers. The Savills live/work record measures the yearly cost per representative of leasing and possessing living space and office space in twelve substantial urban areas around the world. Organizations are currently paying a normal of $118,085 per representative in London, with the workplace space part of that figure coming in at a normal of simply over $90 per square foot.

According to South & Co (an estate agent in Crewe), London is encountering proceeded with financial development. It has stable monetary markets, a powerful lawful framework and a gifted workforce that draws from the greater part of Europe’s ability, on account of EU work market adaptability. It is one of the world’s most very much joined urban communities and one that is genuinely worldwide, with UK laws moderately casual on business property buys by global firms (simply under 33% of speculation arrangements in the London office segment in 2014 were from Asian organizations – practically $10 billion). Combined with a fluid and straightforward property market and instability in other resource classes, this has filled the business property blast, with office space accessibility in focal London now at an untouched low.

Adding to the proceeding with the blast is the late offer of a few understood office towers to universal financial specialists. A standout amongst the most notable structures in London beside Big Ben, The Gherkin at 30 St Mary Ax, was sold to Joseph Safra, a Brazilian uber-rich person for £725million in 2014. Another, The Shard – the tallest tower in Europe and the most elevated building in the middle of London and the Ural mountains in Russia, is claimed by the State of Qatar, which really possesses a large portion of London’s historic point structures, including Harrods, a great part of the Canary Wharf money related locale and HSBC’s worldwide central command. Battersea Power Station is claimed by a Malaysian property organization, and Lloyds of London by a Chinese protection firm.


The most costly road in London and the UK once more, as in 2013, is Kensington Palace Gardens, where the normal estimation of houses is £42.7 m. The expense of lodging here rose by 12% for the most recent year. This road in the heart of London is occupied by individuals from the imperial family (specifically, at Kensington Palace, which is the title photograph to the article), and the world’s well-off individuals, as Roman Abramovich, Russian oligarch and proprietor of FC Chelsea, who purchased the notable house in 2011 for £90m.

The most extravagant road outside London is Sunninghill Road in Windlesham, Surrey, where houses cost approx. £5.6m. Convenience can be acquired all the more economically in different urban communities of Surrey, in Virginia Water and Cobham, where is the base of FC Chelsea. By and large, property here expenses about £1.2m and £1m.

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